Lizzie Perring offers singing teaching and vocal coaching in Coventry and in West Midlands


Are you looking for singing lessons or vocal coaching in Coventry, Warwickshire or West Midlands?

Are you already a confident singer or are you just starting out? It is my aim to make learning about your voice and developing as a singer an enjoyable and fun experience in your music lessons with me. I will help you with focussed exercises to gain mastery over your breathing and sound production. Each person needs individual attention and that's what you will get from me in my singing lessons.

EXAMPLES OF MY SINGING PUPILS SUCCESS: all of these achievements are as important as one another...

  • succeed in their auditions to top performing arts colleges.
  • pass Grade exams with good result (eg very high distinction in Grade 8 singing.)
  • perform in concerts.
  • get parts in local and national shows.
  • happily develop at their own pace.
  • attend lessons with me for many years and see how they develop.
  • overcome vocal problems.
  • overcome nerves and develop confidence significantly.


  • My fee is £35 per hour. 
  • There is a CD of singing exercises that you will need to purchase for £5 as a registration with me.
  • 4 lessons paid for in advance for £130. 
  • When we decide to work together I draw up a contract which we both sign. This is a simple document based on Musicians Union format.


Singing lessons are a human relationship that offers support, insight, constructive and informed feedback, fun, challenges, exciting breakthroughs, rewarding experiences, concentration, musical learning, personal development. And through this you will establish a hobby for life at the very least.
You will be learning to hear and focus on the feeling of your own voice and experience how to release and support it. You will develop your ability to tune into your natural voice and then become able to feel where your voice is liberated and where it is straining.
Lessons must be regular and with someone who can sing and understands the human voice through training and experience. This will enable you to tune into your teacher’s vocal production, as an example to you.
Through your lessons, you will develop a sense of where you are going with your voice. (Singing for yourself, Auditions, Exams, Performances great and small). This may be what you came for or it might emerge as you attend more lessons. You will gain a sense of how you can achieve these things.
Being accompanied by your singing teacher means that you are developing the art of music making in the partnership that this creates.

  • Being a life long learner myself, I make sure that I keep up to date with my resources and music.
  • Part of my commitment to my pupils is to ensure that each individual is planning their musical life.
  • Many of my pupils have a very extensive repertoire and this supports preparation for auditions, exams, concerts and other performance opportunities that may pop up out of the blue.
  • With a basis of classical tuition and consistent careful practise, many singers can go on to sing everything they have ever wanted to sing. 


With care and regular good training your voice can become very robust. There is no reason why you cannot then carry on singing all your life. My own father did so, only just giving up when he was over 90. 

Mr. Austin Wootton was a pupil for many years. He passed away in 2018 and is sadly missed. We all celebrate his memory and his most remarkable robust voice. He plunged deep into his songs and delivers a passionate and committed performance, even in my living room! He was an inspiration to all.


My early training was classical. This gave me a solid foundation of insight into vocal production and technique.

I went on to become a singer song writer, composing and singing my own music in various bands and groups. I have been performing in music as a soloist and in groups and in theatrical ensembles all my life. When I was younger I sang in a very exciting medieval band, giving concerts in the West Country. 

I experienced the complete loss of my singing voice following a throat operation in the 80s and learned how to restore my voice through careful exercising. This gave me a lot of insight into the sensitivity of the vocal apparatus.

As I have aged, my voice has rather strangely become higher! This has obviously been the effect of teaching others. I have recently been told to reconcile myself to the fact that my vocal range is that of a soprano, which was a terrific shock as all my life I have sung contralto. What a time of learning!

Lizzie Perring offers singing teaching in Coventry and West Midlands and vocal coaching in Coventry and in West Midlands


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