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2018 Here we come!

Unlock the Music pupils have always participated in concert making and events. In the first place we organised these ourselves, but then some of us formed the charity UMCM(Unlock the Music Concert... Read more

2017 Round Up

 This year we continued to perform all over the place. St. John the Baptist in the centre of Coventry hosted UMCM's midsummer concert again, giving plenty of opportunities for pupils to shine... Read more

Thank you UMCM 2016

My singing teaching business, Unlock the Music, is very lucky to be part of UMCM and so have the chance to participate in an on-going programme of events. This year there has been a terrific range of... Read more

Lovely email from ex pupil

Hi Lizzie I hope you are well and hope that you remember me. I’m Paul. I was struggling at the time with my nose and soon after leaving your lessons had an operation which has given me some... Read more


This autumn started with a series of fun opportunities for pupils: 9th Sept at Coventry Cathedral... Read more

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Unlock The Music News RSS

Unlock the Music News


We had great fun at the UMCM "Secrets Lies and Spies" concert with excellent performances... Read more

Autumn 2018

It is a fun autumn for us this year. Our events range from our Secrets, Lies and Spies... Read more
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