Lovely email from ex pupil

Hi Lizzie

I hope you are well and hope that you remember me. I’m Paul. I was struggling at the time with my nose and soon after leaving your lessons had an operation which has given me some relief although I know the problem will come back eventually.


The reason for writing is just to say once again, thank you, for all that you did. I will never have a good voice or want to sing solo but with my band 60s Retro I now must do backing on at least 50% of all that we play. This has meant so much to me and it was you that gave me the confidence to get stuck in. The other thing that I did was get musicians filtered earplugs (the fitted type) and this enables me to hear myself both from monitors and also in my head. This has given me confidence to be in tune and so I get to do oohs and ahhs and even backing in songs by Beach Boys, Frankie Valli and much more.


I was just filing old emails, came across your name and it made me smile and thought that I would just send a quick message.


Kind regards, from a very grateful occasional backing singer,


Paul x

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