Thank you UMCM 2016

My singing teaching business, Unlock the Music, is very lucky to be part of UMCM and so have the chance to participate in an on-going programme of events. This year there has been a terrific range of such opportunities from singing at Charterhouse to welcome guests, performing at Rotary lunches and the cathedral as part of the "1,000 Years of Coventry" festival. Then there was our Dream of Midsummer festival day at St. Johns and since then two Pupil Concerts.

We formed UMCM to offer these opportunities and since then have gathered a very large bunch of performing friends: actors, writers, monologist, dancer, gospel choir, artists and local acousitc partnerships. UMCM also has great inspirational professional friends: internationally reknowned pianists Darren Marc Leaper, Cecilia Xi and London-based opera singer Kathy Taylor Jones and stunning guitarist Marcellus.

We still have Christmas events to cover and UMCM is going ahead with ambitious plans for 2017. Pupils of Unlock the Music are very fortunate to be part of all this and thanks UMCM for all the incredible hard work that has gone on for several years now to establish a place for UMCM within the creative world of Coventry. Thanks to Martin, Andy, Elaine, Dore, Nick, Jennie and all those others who spent so much time working for this aim.


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