2018 Here we come!

Unlock the Music pupils have always participated in concert making and events. In the first place we organised these ourselves, but then some of us formed the charity UMCM(Unlock the Music Concert Making). This took onboard the concept of offering musical learners chances to perform as soloists and in small groups. As well as singers, we involved dance, art work and orginal writing. We also conjured up some dramatic pieces. So there have always been lots of chances to perform. The UMCM website is a great testament to this and shows our history and also on this website here there are lots of records of past concert making. 

Unlock the Music isn't just about performances, we are running a Grade 5 project in 2018 that engages all pupils who wish to in studying the materials for ABRSM Grade 5 singing. Some people will take the exam because that is important to them. Others will just be joining in for the personal fullfilment of reaching that standard. Aural tests and sight singing can often get neglected if you aren't interested in the exam system, so this coming year we are focusing on those aspects of musical learning. In the past, although we have had some great results in the Grade exams, some of my pupils with really wonderful voices would be singing at Grade 8 and even Diploma standard, but felt utterly intimidated by sight singing and aural tests. This has always been a real shame and part of me feels there should be a "Performance Only" catergory of singing exams prior to the diploma one. This would recognise the talent and skills of people daunted by the these aspects. It may be that fear of these aspects could be termed a specific learning difficulty. 

2018 will be choc-a-bloc with performance opportunities. There will be a full programme coming up soon. But put June 23rd into your calendars NOW because after a very successful fund raising project, St. John the Baptist Church in Coventry will be welcoming back its fully restored antique Bechstein with a Celebratory Concert.

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